Darla R. Price

With almost two decades of experience in the advertising field, Darla is known to inspire her teams to deliver excellent work and is always the first one to fight for brand building ideas. Darla has spent the last four years at McCann running the global Microsoft Windows and Surface businesses, where the brand most recently won Clio Advertiser of the Year for 2017. She’s currently running the HomeGoods and Lockheed Martin business at the agency.

Before joining McCann, Darla spent many years at Saatchi&Saatchi both in NY and abroad. She led P&G’s global Olay skincare business, where she helped reinvigorate and modernize the brand’s image with a new campaign. Before that, she spent over two years in Southeast Asia, where she was the first African American to work for the company’s Singapore and Mumbai offices. While there, she saw the P&G Head&Shoulders business off to reach its' $1billion mark for Asia-Pacific, and later ran Pampers and Ariel.

In addition to her role as a Business Leader, Darla also runs the IPG Women’s Leadership Network, the holding company’s initiative to help advance women within the network. Darla is also certified as an Executive Coach and provides coaching to individuals both inside and outside of her agency, to help them develop in their careers, with a passion around helping women and young people of color who want to be successful in the business.