Jo Ling Kent

Kent is an integral part of NBC News’ robust Business & Tech Unit, the largest business team in network television. NBC News is the only network to have business and technology reporters on the ground in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach. With almost 240 on-air pieces last year alone, the team also regularly breaks scoops on Big Tech, including publishing the largest data base of deleted Russian troll tweets and an investigation into the underground drug trade on Facebook.

Previously, Kent was a reporter at Fox Business Network and an investigative reporter at NBC Connecticut, where she won a Peabody for her team’s coverage of the Newtown school shooting.

Kent reported for NBC News on the campaign trail in 2012, covering the presidential election as an embed reporter.

For five years, Kent worked in China: first as a Fulbright Scholar focusing on women's rights, then as a Beijing-based journalist for ABC News and CNN.