Michael McAlear

Michael has been a Partner at Universal McCann since joining the agency in 2010.
Overseeing major clients across the Northeast , Michael’s current role finds him blending Account Services with Media/Strategic Planning across his entire portfolio.
Prior to joining UM, he spent several years overseeing Client Services for various accounts across Latin America and the Caribbean.
With ‘creativity’ as his main driving force, Michael is a firm believer in the need to think differently in order to build the right strategies for clients, and is drawn to like-minded media partners who are not afraid to push the envelope, or test the limits of innovation.
When he’s not at the office, Michael spends time with his wife and two boys in New Jersey. You can often find him in the dugout (or pacing the sidelines) at his sons’ athletic events.
Michael is a graduate of Illinois State University, earning his Bachelor of Science in Marketing.