Bridget Davies

As the VP and GM of Advertising for eBay North America, Bridget leads a portfolio of cross-channel digital advertising products on and off the eBay platform including desktop, video, mobile, programmatic display and text.

An e-commerce and Internet marketing veteran, Bridget began her career with eBay in 2005, following the IPO and acquisition by eBay. During her eBay tenure, Bridget has held multiple leadership roles including GM of eBay’s Audience Platform, where her leadership helped double business results, GM of the eBay Commerce Network, where she led global operations, and Managing Director for Global Internet Marketing of, where she centralized and scaled the company’s large Internet marketing operations. Bridget’s continuous focus on integrating business and technology to solve for customers has led to a strong track record of consistent results for eBay Advertising.

Bridget holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.