Laura Brounstein

As the Director for Editorial and Business Development for Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines, Laura Brounstein develops and produces editorial initiatives, like Cosmo’s Fun Fearless and Let’s Talk About It event franchises, and Seventeen’s collaboration with Instagram to create Body Confidence day and the #perfectlyme social action campaign. She was also involved in the development of Airbnbmag, a joint venture between Hearst and Airbnb. Her editorial work at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen focuses on women and power including a study sexual attitudes between men and women, an examination of gender and tech careers, and interviews with power ladies like Mindy Kaling, Shonda Rhimes, Arianna Huffington, Gabrielle Bernstein and Gloria Steinem. Recently, she was named to the steering committee for New York State’s Council for Women and Girls She is also a scout for HearstLabs, a startup greenhouse for women-lead companies. Previously, she was the entertainment director for SELF and Ladies’ Home Journal and a TV producer. A Folio: Top Women in Media, Brounstein is a graduate of Cornell University living in NYC. She is the co-author of the Cosmpolitan Bedside Astrologer: The Ultimate to Your Star Power.