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As more people unplug, marketers need to get more creative than ever. Intrusive commercial breaks are quickly losing their power. Join this panel of experts for an illuminating exploration of the evolving terrain of branded entertainment.

The authors of the 2018 book release, The Art of Branded Entertainment, will reconvene at Advertising New York to discuss the highest creative bar we’ve had to face as marketers, ads that are an attractive investment for both audiences and brands. The 2017 Cannes Lions Entertainment Jury collaborated to dissect the power of entertaining brands. This session is not just an overview of what’s new in the world of content but a discussion that to progress we must earn consumers attention with renewed purpose, ownership and vision.

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  1. Branded Entertainment is one of the newest and most urgent arms of modern marketing. But also, one of the least known and documented.
  2. In an on-demand world, it’s harder and harder to buy consumers’ attention. Branded Entertainment is our industry’s collective effort to fight for consumers’ time.
  3. “Our industry needs to learn to be as obsessive with creating stories that are a good use of consumers’ time as we are with creating campaigns that are worth the brand’s money.” – PJ Pereira


PJ Pereira Creative Chairman, Co-Founder Pereira O'Dell
Monica Chun President PMK•BNC
Gabor Harrach Content Marketing Consultant Global Brands, Agencies
Pelle Sjoenell Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)

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