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Today’s consumers want more from brands – a lot more. They want to see values, wit, courage, and actions that create real and positive change in the world. Efficiency alone won’t cut it; they want heart and soul. So how must brands change in order to create lasting connections with them?

Join agency, academic and brand leaders as they share where the real brand-building opportunities lie in this cultural climate, and their belief that the companies that behave like human beings will win.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why brands that act, behave and communicate like human beings form the strongest bonds with today's consumers.
  2. How to uncover the right consumer insights to develop this connection.
  3. How to develop a brand voice and brand actions that resonate.

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Jennie Liu Executive Director, Center for Customer Insights & Lecturer in the Practice of Management Yale School of Management
Paul Birks-Hay Partner, President Venables Bell + Partners
Alissa Reiter Vice President, Marketing Trulia

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