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Uniform, clear and reliable quality standards have emerged in digital advertising to guide every player in identifying partners worthy of investment and trust. This panel session will discuss the industry-wide standards taking shape today and their initial impact, other quality initiatives on the horizon, and how brands and publishers can lean on these standards to choose quality.

As standards have created a solid line of distinction between partners committed to putting long term quality, safety and value investments above short terms concerns, and the rest of the crowd. Employing this standards-based approach to the great ad tech clean-up satisfies brands’ demands for greater accountability and increased brand safety as well as supports every publishers’ need for reliable and trustworthy partners in a post GDPR world. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Gain insight into the industry-wide standards increasing overall quality of digital advertising
  2. Learn how leading brands and publishers are leveraging new ad standards to make better decisions about technology partnerships
  3. Hear about ad standards and quality protections on the horizon that aim to bring even greater transparency to the advertising ecosystem

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Jason Fairchild Chief Revenue Officer OpenX
Jana Meron VP Programmatic & Data Strategy Business Insider
Mike Zaneis President and CEO Trustworthy Accountability Group
Sara Fischer Reporter Axios
Erica Schmidt Global CEO Cadreon

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