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The Black Agenda: Can we come to a consensus on action items that best benefit African Americans as a whole going into the 2018 and 2020 elections, and beyond? DL and a panel discuss Economics, Health Care and Jobs. Of course race relations will have a place in the discussion. One question: has the current administration exposed or created the current atmosphere on race in America? All to seek a consensus on a path forward and propose an agenda for the African American community.


Byron V. Garrett Chairman National Family Engagement Alliance
DL Hughley Comedian, Political & Social Commentator
Guy Lambert Newsman & Co-Host The Hughley Truth
Mary Elizabeth Elkordy Producer The Hughley Truth
Tamika Mallory Civil Rights Activist, Co-Founder Women's March
Michael Garner Chief Diversity Officer MTA
Taneshia Nash Laird Social Entrepreneur & Community Development Expert
Ali Velshi Correspondent NBC News/MSNBC

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