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What do you stand for? Why is it important? How can you get others involved? These are the simple questions that brands should ask to inspire impactful positive changes. Articulating the answers through powerful, emotive storytelling can help shape a cultural narrative that inspires others to join in. Lead the charge with clarity and purpose and be on the side of what’s right. Enable millennials and Gen Z to use their ingenuity and connectivity to become part of the solution and you have a winning formula. How do you do that? We’ll ask our panelists how to speak the language of change.

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Lydia Belanger Associate Editor
Aria Finger CEO DoSomething.Org
Lydia Daly SVP, Social Media and Branded Content Strategy Viacom
Chandra Stevens Global Dir., Cross Industry Digital Solutions Microsoft
Liz Wessel Co-Founder & CEO WayUp
Tamika Mallory Civil Rights Activist, Co-Founder Women's March

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