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Dirty word or new normal? Here's how to be successful, creative, and remain authentic while working within the guidelines of the FTC. DBA’s panel will shed light on the do’s, don'ts, and grey areas of #sponsored content from multiple point of views. Ellie Altshuler, DBA’s lead council, who specializes in influencer contracts, will discuss game-changing rulings and and how the lines of influencers and celebrities are more blurred than ever. A brand that has shifted traditional marketing and advertising budgets to influencer partnerships will discuss their stance on transparency and best practices. Hear from a high profile influencer on how the updated FTC requirements have changed how they disclose paid partnerships.


Reesa Lake SVP and Partner Digital Brand Architects
Ellie Altshuler Attorney Nixon Peabody
Melissa Davis EVP ShopStyle
Mary Orton Co-Founder of mobile style app Trove and Fashion Influencer behind Memorandum Trove & Memorandum
Kim Waite VP Global Communications Laura Mercier

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