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While social media is vital for reaching huge audiences, the platform owners dictate the terms of business and leave brands fighting for attention amid a sea of other distractions. It's time to take control by creating your own branded platforms for engaging with consumers directly on a daily basis and tapping into that habitual behaviour that mobile does so well.

Come and see how Pugpig are working with Adventure to Fitness, a leading kids content brand, to help advertisers reach kids in a whole new way through mobile.

Pugpig powers mobile engagement platforms for some of the world’s biggest brands such as The Economist, IBM, Jamie Oliver, Superdrug, Wired, Net a Porter and many more.

In this session we'll show you how we're working with Adventure to Fitness to transform a traditional digital content business into mobile and into the home. You'll also find out how in a matter of just a few days, you can launch branded apps live across all platforms, deeply engaging your audience, directly generating revenue, and all without those pesky social media platforms getting in the way (and if you're really lucky I'll buy you a beer afterwards...)
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Jonny Kaldor Founder Pugpig

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