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The role of the CMO is changing. There’s growing pressure to deliver market insights and use technology to act more quickly, and increasing expectations for agency partners to drive meaningful results – making creativity more important than ever in this evolving landscape. This panel of CMOs and agency marketers will explore a powerful new agency model where data meets creativity.

The role of the CMO is rapidly evolving. In turn, CMOs have higher expectations of their agency partners and the ability to drive meaningful results. The future belongs to companies that can use unparalleled business insights to describe the market better than their competitors, and use technology to act more quickly. There is less daylight between a company’s technology strategy and its marketing strategy every day - and not only is there room for creativity in this changing landscape, but creativity is more important than ever. The panel, moderated by Lindsay Stein of AdAge, will explore this dynamic and the modern relationship between agencies and CMOs by bringing together Evan Slater, Heat’s Executive Creative Director, André Alguero, Managing Director of Deloitte Digital, and Barbara Goose, John Hancock’s CMO to discuss a powerful new agency model where data meets creativity. View Less

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Lindsay Stein Reporter Advertising Age
André Alguero Managing Director Deloitte Digital
Barbara Goose CMO John Hancock
Evan Slater Executive Creative Director Heat

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