Eric Dahlberg

Eric leads a team of 75+ sales professionals who specialize in specific components of Microsoft Advertising’s broad portfolio of offerings, representing nearly a billion dollars of revenue per year in the US. With teams aligned to mobile, video, targeting, RTB, ad serving, custom solutions, and cross-screen campaigns, the group is a key enabler of Microsoft’s strategy to help marketers connect with their audience through an industry-leading suite of digital solutions.

Previously, Eric led teams responsible for Microsoft Advertising’s Media Network and Advertising Exchange. Prior to that, Eric served as Manager of Field Sales Strategy & Operations under Microsoft’s Vice President of US Ad Sales, Keith Lorizio.

Eric’s professional experience preceding Microsoft includes work in Finance and the Investment Management industry in Boston, where he lived after graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Economics (and a minor in golf). In his spare time he enjoys running, cycling, and exploring the Pacific Northwest where he lives with his wife Ann, a pediatric oncologist, and two year old son, Dash.