Erika Alonso

Erika oversees all global marketing, communications and branding efforts at Mojiva, where she leads the charge to develop innovative strategies to educate agencies and brand advertisers on the new and unique opportunities mobile offers. Erika works with industry touchstones like the MMA and the IAB to develop new mobile advertising standards, and just generally cause seismic shifts in market attitudes and behaviors.
Before Mojiva, Erika was at Apple where she developed the iAd global brand, authored thought leadership stories and led sales development efforts. Prior to Apple, Erika co-founded her own B2B/B2C brand strategy and creative marketing agency, Stairwell D, whose client list included Discovery Communications, NBC Universal, Admeld and Vibrant Media.
While VP and Executive Creative Director of AOL’s internal trade agency handling marcomm, creative and events, AOL was ranked #1 in “Creativity and Marketing Support” by online agency executives several years running,
She’s also received several other prestigious awards including the London International Advertising Awards, Addy’s, Mixx and Promax World Globe Awards.
A frustrated drummer, Erika’s love of music, creative energy and general noise and excitement have let her work with some music industry's best (including Smashing Pumpkins and MTV Music Awards.) And When she isn’t learning to play guitar, she’s probably zipping around NYC on her Vespa.
She’s a graduate of and former faculty member at Parson’s School of Design, where she developed a class not entirely surprisingly named “Conceptual Thinking." Erika’s first language is Spanish, and she likes to start conversations with “Hmmmm, what if…?”