J.B. Raftus

J.B.’s infectious zeal for finding the right partners keeps the GSD&M business development machine running 24/7—a pace many find exhausting but J.B. considers invigorating.
He’s worn many hats in his 23 years at GSD&M, but none have been as fulfilling as his current role of chief marketing officer, where he has the platform to pursue his fanatical passion for purpose-based brands. His strategic smarts and strong leadership have helped launch many of GSD&M’s most successful relationships including John Deere, Goodyear, L.L.Bean, Ace Hardware, Zales and most recently Walgreens and Campbell’s Soup Company, both of which J.B. has responsibility for the executive management.
J.B. began his career in account management at New York agencies working on brands like The Miller Brewing Company and FedEx. Taco savant, urban-mobility nerd, frustrated Cleveland sports fan and a proud father of five (ages 5–25), he holds a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University.