Alvaro Cueva

Álvaro Cueva is Mexico's most respected television critic. In 2019, Líderes Mexicanos magazine considered him one of the 300 most influential leaders in the entire country.

His comments deeply influence all kinds of national and international productions and are quoted in various media and networks.
He has published around 5,000 articles in more than 30 publications since 1987, has written several books and screenplays, has had his own magazine and has given courses and conferences in several countries.

A pioneer in the management of web pages, Álvaro Cueva moves a lot to social networks, has been a juror for important television festivals and has hosted different radio programs and podcasts.

Álvaro Cueva has extended his journalistic coverage from media and entertainment to political and social analysis, becoming one of the freest, most popular and credible opinion leaders and influencers in Mexico.