Habacuc Guzmán

With over 14 years of experience in the videogame industry, began his career in the world of photojournalism and written journalism, emphasizing on aspects of the entertainment industry like music and cinema. Later on, created the first videogame show produced for MTV LATAM and broadcasted throughout the region (excluding Brazil). It lasted 6 years, earning the accolade of most longevity on LATAM paid television.
Directing the ecommerce project for Gamers Retail and LevelUP.com, launched a dedicated platform exclusively for the videogame industry which took a year and a half to develop and yielded interesting result in a Mexican market which was, as of yet, Amazon free.
A true enthusiast when it comes to mass media and social networking, but above all, videogames. Now dedicated to the creation of an esports industry, and the developing of an esports ecosystem on Mexican soil.