Serge Gojkovich

Serge Gojkovich is the Head of Partnership Marketing for Pluto TV, managing the roll out of channel launches, campaign strategies, content partnerships, and offline marketing. Most recently, Gojkovich lead Pluto TV’s multilayered U.S. Hispanic marketing campaign, which introduced a wide variety of new multilingual content partners and programming to new Hispanic viewers. He also works closely with his international counterparts to accelerate Pluto TV globally.

With over 20 years of experience in niche marketing campaigns, Gojkovich has helped grow, both domestically and internationally, a diverse range of brands, destinations and mobile apps, including Happn, CurbStand, Grindr, Blendr, VisitBritain, Visit London, Massachusetts Office of Tourism and ParkMe. He has worked with clients on all aspects of their marketing strategies, including setting launch strategy, defining their brand and market position, and enhancing their competitive international market presence to achieve stellar growth results. Gojkovich started his first advertising agency while studying at the University of Minnesota.