Paulina Moreno

Paulina is the founder of Benefit Lab, a company dedicated to creating wellness plans for busy professionals and companies.
Her mission is for people to take charge of their well-being and to have tools for stress-control. To do this, she spreads the message of the importance of having a lifestyle full of healthy habits to improve performance during the day: energy level, work productivity, focus and concentration.
She is a Coach in Integral Nutrition certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York.
Paulina is the creator of the first certification in Spanish for experts in Workplace Wellness.
She was responsible for Food Policies of the International Humane Society, having under her charge the re-launch of the Monday without Meat program in Mexico.
Previously she was General Director of Las Verdes, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable consumption as an alternative to environmental care. Paulina also led five editions of EcoFest, the largest environmental festival in Latin America.
She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. She also has a Master’s in Business Administration by the EuroMBA consortium, where she had the opportunity to study at Kozminzki University in Poland, HHL Graduate School of Management in Germany, Eada Business School in Catalonia, Audencia Business School in France and Maastricht University in the Netherlands.