Pablo Jet Silva

His passionate and irreverent style has made Pablo “Jet” Silva a fresh and different face when it comes to sports and entertainment. Off-screen, he is the content director of the largest Out of Home television channel in Mexico.
Jet is one of the new talents in sports entertainment in Latin America, who ventured into the media in 2011 as a reporter at
His hunger to break through in the media led him to become a key player in the program of Raúl Orvañanos “La fórmula es Deportes” in Grupo Fórmula nationwide.
Radio Fórmula would not be the only place where Pablo Jet Silva's voice would be heard, soon stations such as MVS Radio and Exa FM, as well as the TV channel Exa TV would include him.
It was not until 2014 that he conquered the entire continent, becoming the winner of the "Comentarista de la Pasión Bridgestone” contest giving him the privilege of commenting on the 2014 Copa Libertadores final.
Jet Silva returned to take the Copa Libertadores microphone to lead the Red Carpet of the 2015 edition of the Cup from the headquarters of CONMEBOL.
One of the best moments of his career came months later when he led the halftime show for the Copa Libertadores 2015 final, reaching more than 100 thousand spectators in a week.
Pablo Jet Silva has interviewed figures such as Alejandro Sabella, Juan Sebastián "La brujita" Verón, Gustavo Matosas, Edgardo Bauza, Sergio "Checo" Pérez and many more.
He fulfilled his greatest professional goal by covering the 2018 World Cup in Russia, making a unique follow-up to the Mexican National Team and generating content from Moscow and Rostov On Don, the World Cup host cities.
Currently, Jet is the anchor of Nación Deportes in Out Of Home TV (OOHTV), a channel with more than 25 million monthly viewers all over Mexico, as well as being the Content Director of the company. In addition to his presence on television, Jet is the lead anchor of the app "Órale Trivia" that connects with thousands of users throughout the continent to challenge them in a mobile game show based on culture and entertainment.