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In an age of pervasive social media, where motivations are always suspect and facts collide, the ability for marketers to build trust with their audience has never been more challenging yet more important.

In this session, Jason Harris, Co-Founder & CEO of creative agency Mekanism and author of the United States best selling book The Soulful Art of Persuasion, will discuss the role of persuasion in marketing and the art of creating a Soulful brand. Harris will pull from his 20+ years working with global brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Peloton, and HBO to highlight what it takes to build sustained personal and business success through authenticity & trust.
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  1. Why persuasion is not a dirty word but actually the most positive, productive, and ethical way of changing people’s minds
  2. How to find your brand’s Soul and use that as a North Star to build a brand community
  3. Never sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself: how to become more authentic in your interactions

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Jason Harris Co-Founder & CEO Mekanism

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