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Marketers are moving to solve for the digital world’s newly-erupting problems of data use backlash and brand safety breaches. As further unknown implications about data privacy and safety continue to emerge, how can marketers ensure that the internet remains a quality environment for digital advertising? This session covers this topic and more, as industry leaders dissect the challenges and strategies needed to maintain the long-term viability of the internet.

The Internet has swiftly evolved as the most important marketing platform for brands globally. But legislation, consumer concerns around personal data usage, quality control issues surrounding emerging media like connected TV and brand misalignment with fake news threaten its long-term viability. How can marketers across the ecosystem address current challenges and seize new opportunities while improving the quality of the digital advertising experience online to sustain the Internet for future generations? View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Identify the challenges and implications within the digital advertising ecosystem as it relates to maintaining brand reputation and data transparency while driving best-in-class performance and measurement.
  2. Learn how industry leaders are navigating the ever-changing digital landscape as consumer privacy legislation impacts the quality of the digital advertising experience.
  3. Understand how modern marketers are approaching measurement and quality solutions for emerging media platforms.

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Iván Flórez (Tuchi) Chief Strategy & Content Officer, LatAm Rufus (Powered by Initiative)
Giustina Trevisi Global Digital Lead Grupo Bimbo
Jhasselt Celis Chief Digital Officer Starcom
Paula Marsilli General Manager OMG
Jaime Valdes Business Sales Director DoubleVerify

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