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With so many ways to reach consumers, what’s the best way to communicate your message? Join BuzzFeed, ABI, Coca Cola and Unilever for a discussion on why crafting the perfect messaging is crucial. Learn how brands are connecting and staying relevant with younger audiences in an ever-changing environment.

Join the conversation around Advertising Week topics from both a decision-maker and a user perspective. Explore the role that social media feedback-loop is playing in crafting the messages and shifting the strategies brands create. Learn how brands are connecting and remaining relevant with their younger generations in an environment where the only constant is change. And how are they leveraging platforms and content partners to achieve this. Be comfortable with leaving with questions that are yet to be answered... View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Social (Responsible) Advertising
  2. Social (Responsible) Advertising
  3. Content innovation
  4. Give the power to the user
  5. (Pop) culture influence
  6. Human-driven marketing strategies
  7. Native Advertising = Value advertising

Presented with


Bibiñe Barud Editorial Head Buzzfeed
Eleazar Santos Digital Marketing Lead UNILEVER
Julieta Sanchez Integrated Marketing Communications Coca-Cola Mexico
Marisol Garcia Partherships Head Buzzfeed Mexico
Yocelin Delgadillo Integrated Marketing Communications ABI Mexico

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Event Type Seminar