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There is a new imperative today for brands to achieve their business outcomes: they need to do more to break through and build relevance in order to stay top of mind with customers. Whether your brand is launching something new or joining the conversation, they need to connect with the people at the center of these conversations. Top brands as McDonald’s and Tecate will join the session in a fireside chat to talk about their experience on how to shape culture and break through the clutter.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What Twitter is doing to enable people and brands to have more engaging conversations.
  2. How brands can break through and build relevance.
  3. Successful cases from brands that connected with culture and launched something new.

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Francisco Jimenez Twitter Mexico MD Twitter
Michel Capuano Marketing Director NOLAD at Arcos Dorados NOLAD
Thomas Felpeto Customer Lead Twitter Mexico Twitter
Karla González Media & Digital Acceleration Director Heineken Mexico

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Event Type Seminar