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Luxury product sales are expected to grow significantly in Latin America in the next few years, and brands need to take note as the next generation of luxury buyers—millennial and Gen Z—are rejecting the traditional luxury paradigm. In this new environment, brands don't need to be old school and traditional to be taken seriously as a luxury brand. Marina Filippelli, COO & Director of Client Services, and Juan Jose Quintana, ECD, both at Orcí, will explain why it has become crucial to redefine luxury.

They’ll also detail the opportunities contained therein, given that there are three Latin American countries listed in BMI’s Top Emerging Markets for Luxury in terms of volume and growth: Brazil (7th), Mexico (9th) & Chile (10th). View Less

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  1. Generational changes have brought the way we look at luxury brands into a new light. The new wave of luxury consumers don’t expect their parents’ version of luxury, they want brands that look more like them.
  2. Luxury brands all over the world are redefining how new world luxury, in automotive and other industries, can feel young, energetic and optimist, versus cold, dark and serious.
  3. Using real world examples from Acura and other brands, the session will illustrate how to think differently about who buys luxury products and how to market to them.


Marina Filippelli COO & Director of Client Services Orcí
Juan Jose Quintana SVP, Executive Creative Director Orcí

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