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“Consumers have changed”: one of the most used phrase in the last century.
But is technology what has changed the way people relate and buy. In this context, marketplaces begin to gain more prominence as the one stop shop destination chosen by consumers that are in a purchasing mindset. First Party Data to build Consumer Insights, Brand Lift studies and Performance based on sales, not just clicks : what all brands want but not all media players can provide.
Find out why marketplaces are Trending Topic

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  1. Consumers have changed the way they shop with different industries (Automotive, Fashion, CPG & Payments)
  2. LATAM has a long way to go to catch up with developed countries such as China and US in terms of ECommerce penetration. There ir a huge upside potential
  3. The Third surprising player in the digital media mix: Marketplaces
  4. Marketplaces are for both branding and performance strategies, from discovery to purchase stages. It´s all about the mindset
  5. Unbranded Search Terms in Mercado Libre: there is a great opportunity to build brand awareness in a context where consumers are in a purchasing mindset
  6. Relevance of Branding Metrics in Brand Lift Studies at Marketplaces and Real Contribution to Sales in Performance Campaigns
  7. The value of first party data when looking for Consumer Insights in Mercado Libre

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Jorge Fuentes Vega Head of Media & Digital Mexico Kantar
Juan Lavista LATAM Director of Marketing & Insights at Mercado Libre Advertising Mercado Libre
Matteo Ceurvels Regional Analyst – Latin America & Spain eMarketer

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