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Rapidly changing consumer expectations are transforming how we use, experience and select brands and services. In today’s hyper-connected world we expect our interactions with brands to be a borderless journey from point of engagement to point of transaction. For brands this means every point of contact is a stortytelling opportunity; every touch point is a shopping opportunity; every interaction is relationship building opportunity and every interface generates data. To stay relevant, they need to reimagine the last mile.

In this Advertising Week Europe presentation, Isobar UK Head of Digital Transformation, Matt Gee, Vizeum Global Head of Innovation, Tia Castagno and Youtube Director of Content Partnerships, Ben McOwen Wilson will discuss how culturally relevant content, connected experiences and data-driven narratives are fundamentally transforming how, when and where we encounter the ‘last mile’.
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Matt Gee Head of Digital Transformation Isobar UK
Tia Castagno Global Head of Innovation Vizeum
Ben McOwen Wilson Director of Content Partnerships Google

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