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In the modern world, we are all brands in our own right. How you manage ‘Brand You’ can have a major impact on your career, your business and your personal life. Sally Eyden, editor of Now magazine, hosts a panel with three of the biggest brands in media – Katie Price, model, author, businesswoman and Celebrity Big Brother winner; Robin Wight, president of Engine, and Kathleen Saxton, founder of The Lighthouse Company, to explore how to maximise your personal impact and develop ‘Brand You’.

How do you build a strong personal brand? What brand values should you embrace and how do you best reflect them? How do personal brands evolve over time? We’ll look at all of these questions and more, as well as exploring how media brands enjoy the luxury of being intuitively in touch with Brand You, by leading and listening, stimulating, curating and sharing. View Less

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Sally Eyden Editor Now magazine
Katie Price Model, Author, Businesswoman and Celebrity Big Brother Winner
Kathleen Saxton Founder & CEO The Lighthouse Company
Robin Wight President Engine

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