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18 months of unprecedented research into mail in the home, heart and head assessed by an all-star cast. Insights into how the digital age impacts on mail integrating effectiveness, measurement and planning. Everything you thought about mail, may not be true.

Over the last 18 months, Royal Mail MarketReach has conducted extensive independent research within real consumers’ homes using passive video cameras, deep ethnographic interviewing and the latest techniques in neuroscience.

We wanted to understand the role that mail plays in today’s rapidly transforming media landscape, and how mail integrates with, and complements, other media. It’s an unprecedented look at what happens after mail enters the home, which is why we‘ve called it, The Private Life of Mail.

We have confirmed that mail has benefits you might have associated with traditional media, such as creating strong emotional connections and brand associations. We have also seen that mail drives people online; moreover, we have been able to prove, once again, the value that mail delivers to the bottom line.
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Les Binet Head of Effectiveness adam&eveDDB
Peter Field Marketing Consultant
Jonathan Harman Managing Director Royal Mail MarketReach

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