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A D&AD Training Taster with Michael Johnson, Creative Director and Founder of Johnson Banks. Michael will explore how branding continues to broaden its reach and scope, what’s coming next for the future of the discipline, which trends to ignore, and which to follow. All in less than an hour.

This session is based on a day-long workshop, just one of twenty courses available from D&AD Training.

About D&AD Training:
Sessions are primarily designed to be of benefit to creative professionals at all stages of their careers. Attendees will gain confidence and hone their skills in traditional creative disciplines – art direction and copywriting, for example. Or learn techniques such as how to structure a brilliant presentation, how to propagate ideas using digital media, how to have ideas in the first place and much more besides.

All our sessions, however, have one thing in common. They are led by people at the top of their profession: award-winning writers, designers, entrepreneurs and speakers. These legends are ready, willing and able to pass on their winning ways to make you more creative. View Less

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Michael Johnson Founder, Creative Director Johnson Banks

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