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How do we combine traditional and digital outdoor? What technology is available to enhance campaigns? What importance is attached to getting the creative right? How can we use a media mesh approach more effectively? Join us as we examine these burning Outdoor Media questions.

Primesight’s panel will discuss the new opportunities for advertisers, provide a platform for discussion on utilising them fully and outline where there could still be room for improvement.

From content and technology to context and relevance. Our panel of experts all come from a different standpoint to share their experiences and views of the evolving world of outdoor. View Less

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Naren Patel CEO Primesight
Asad Arshad Founder and Company Director iFavour
Andy Tilley CSO and Managing Director Talon
Ann Wixley Creative Director OMD UK
Mel Harvey Creative Lead Saatchi Masius

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Event Type Workshop

Track  Tech & Innovation