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With the democratisation of creativity and the growing complexity of media, the case for re-integrating the disciplines into a new style full service agency has never been greater. But is it possible to engage as equals this time round? And if not, will creativity or media be in the driving seat? Adland experts thrash out the arguments for and against.

Including Claire Beale - Global Editor-in-Chief, Campaign, Karen Blackett - CEO, MediaCom, Peter Souter - Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, TBWALondon, Paul Mead - Founder & MD, VCCP Media & Pete Markey - Chief Marketing Officer, Post Office. View Less

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Claire Beale Editor-in-chief Campaign
Karen Blackett OBE CEO MediaCom
Pete Markey CMO Post Office
Peter Souter Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of TBWALondon and writer of TV series 'Married Single Other' TBWALondon
Paul Mead Founder & Managing Director VCCP Media

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