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The Dutch are famous for their innovations in product design. Lesser known is the Dutch tradition with digital creativity and design. Three leading digital agencies talk about their work, highlighting that Dutch Digital Design isn’t so much about a particular style as it is about a design mentality.

Dutch Digital Design can be seen as a continuation of a rich Dutch tradition in art and design that has spread across the world. But this time around, it’s less about aesthetics and origin, and more about a way of thinking and doing. Dutch Digital Design doesn’t look a certain way. First and foremost, it’s a mindset, characterized by a strong assimilated desire to create things that work. It means designing with a global outlook, resulting in work with global appeal — as testified by the influence of digital designers at global companies like Apple and Adobe and the success of Dutch agencies at international award shows. The non-hierarchical structure that is championed by the Dutch makes their design process unusually open to input from outsiders and experimentation. ‘Dutch’ stands for a more collaborative way of finding solutions to problems, and so it is perhaps only natural that three agencies are joining the stage together - to tell why Dutch Digital Design works. View Less

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Jon Biggs Creative Director MediaMonks
Bert Hagendoorn Consultant for agencies Bert Hagendoorn
Keith Kornson Senior Designer, Art Director DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Daniel Sytsma Creative Director & Partner Achtung!

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