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More votes were cast in the X Factor Final than the most popular party received in the 2005 General Election. In 2010 only 44% of 18 –24 year olds voted in the General Election, compared to 76% of over 65s.

Why IS politics so boring to so many young people when it’s so important? And how could we make it interesting?

To celebrate the launch of ADVENTURE from Bauer Media – an exciting new model of Cultural Creative Agency, Lucy Banks, Bauer’s Executive Creative Director hosts a panel discussion on the subject of making politics interesting in popular culture - staying true to the agency’s ethos of beginning with and becoming what people are genuinely interested in. View Less

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Lucie Cave Editor-in-Chief Heat
Lucy Banks Lucy Banks, Executive Creative Director Bauer Media & ADVENTURE
Rick Edwards Presenter of BBC3’s Free Speech, and author of ‘None of The Above’.
Andrew Bailey National Radio News Editor and Presenter
Lena De Casparis Acting Deputy Editor The Debrief

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