Tsuyoshi Morioka

Strategist and marketer.
With a uniquely developed strategical logic and thinking informed by advanced mathematics, Tsuyoshi Morioka and his team have the know-how and experience to bring some truly ground breaking marketing ideas to reality. This is known as the “Morioka Method”, and his own method and philosophy helped to make a V-shaped recovery of Universal Studios Japan which had been on the verge of collapse , in a mere few years.

Born in 1972, Tsuyoshi Morioka graduated from the Kobe University, Faculty of Economics, and joined P&G in 1996. As brand manager for Vidal Sassoon Japan, he oversaw the “golden age” of the brand in hair care market. He moved to P&G global HQ (Cincinnati) in 2004, working as brand manager of Pantene North America, associate director of hair care category, vice president of Wella Japan before joining Universal Studios Japan in 2010. In 2012, he was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Officer, and Head of Marketing Division of the company. After his mission was completed at Universal Studios Japan, he established the group of Marketing professionals, “Katana” as a company, with the aim to energize Japan through “Marketing. “
His publications include “Why the Roller Coaster at Universal Studios Japan ran backwards” The perfect “Marketing” introduction, “The singular methodology” (Winner of the 44th Business Book Marathon, Business Publications Grand Prix 2017 Management Category) and “Probability Strategy for Marketing”.