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Japan is distinctively a challenging market for any business. Impeccable service and highly personalized customer experiences are nothing but expected. It is also regarded around the world as the land of jaw-dropping technology, reinvention and fascinating culture. As it lives and breathes at the beat of its own heart in a world that faces an imminent digital shift, the relationship between businesses, customers and culture need to evolve with it. Hacking culture can be the ultimate driver and primary source of innovation and entrepreneurial revival.

In this session, Dentsu Isobar CEO, Hidetoshi Tokumaru and its Chief Business Transformation Officer, Emmanuel Flores Elias, dive into the depths of how UX and Service Design are essential game changers with the power to “Hack” culture, understand consumers and turbocharge innovation for businesses and brands.


Emmanuel Flores Elias Chief Business Transformation Officer Dentsu Isobar
Hidetoshi Tokumaru President and CEO Dentsu Isobar

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