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Dentsu has launched dentsu X, the first global agency born out of Japan, and in 2018 was appointed the global media agency for a global brand. Through the experience of navigating radically different marketing cultures across East and West, dentsu X has developed unique insight into fusing the best of Japanese marketing practices and Western. In our talk, we will share our insights with delegates.

We will offer insights in five areas, which are both important and highly relevant to all marketers today:

- Marketing Strategy
- Consumer Insight
- Data-driven Marketing
- Agility
- Innovation

The talk will be given by Sanjay Nazerali, who has been appointed dentsu X’s first Global Chief Strategy Officer.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Marketing Strategy: How the linear Western approach and the organic Japanese approach come together in marketing strategy
  2. Consumer Insight: Motivational insight empowers marketers to drive both a collective and individual approach to consumers across markets as diverse as Japan and the USA.
  3. Data-driven Marketing: A way of marketing which empower a view of both long- and short-term outcomes, based on sustained consumer relationships.
  4. Agility: How can marketing benefit simultaneously from both agility and consensus?
  5. Innovation: Is innovation about pushing the boundaries of technology to see what it might deliver? Or is innovation about identifying a focused market need and then developing the narrow technology to address it?

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Sanjay Nazerali Global Chief Strategy Officer dentsu X

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