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As Artificial Intelligence continues to progress, both the tech capabilities and the human fears are on the rise. While AI is expected to create 15 million new jobs over the next 10 years, experts also anticipate 25 million jobs will be replaced by automation in that time period. Beyond affecting the labor force, AI stands to alter our society through changes in transportation with the likes of automated cars, advancements in the military with drone developments, and a redesign in healthcare with automated diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Join this thoughtful debate on the risks and rewards of the technology set to transform our lives, for better or worse.


David Blecken Executive Editor - Japan Campaign Asia-Pacific
Leo Li Manager of Strategic Management Department & Marketing Management Center NetEase Media
Daniel Riddell Ambassador & Adviser DECENT Foundation
Phil Schraeder President & COO GumGum
Dennis Zhou Business Innovation & Creative Officer, General Manager SOHU Group

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