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From self-driving cars to the wonders of virtual reality, artificial intelligence is eating the world. And in digital marketing, computer vision, in particular, is pushing the boundaries further.

Computer vision allows you to unlock the hidden value of the images and videos consumers encounter on a daily basis—across the web, social media and broadcast television. In doing so, marketers target their audiences, generate data insights, deliver contextually relevant messaging and understand the impact of their live events sponsorships. We call this “In-Image advertising.”

In-image advertising is surprisingly straightforward. Unlike so much digital ad jargon, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Digital ads that overlay editorial images—or more specifically, appear within the “frame” of editorial images. But if in-image is the rare digital ad term that doesn’t sound more complicated than it actually is, it’s no less of a breakthrough.

Join us during this session to learn more about computer vision capabilities and how your brand can contextually target ads based on images and video.

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