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What are the latest trends and issues in digital advertising that B2B marketers should know? In addition to topics like viewability and brand safety, which became worldwide problems, we will cover GDPR (EU General Data protection Regulation) and other issues that global corporations must deal with.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Digital ad 101 for B2B marketers
  2. How to utilize data: marketer, publisher, and the other data sources
  3. How to bust "Digital Ad Monsters"

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Yasuhiro Kunitomo Manager, Marketing Center, Nikkei-ID and Advertising Unit, Digital Business NIKKEI INC.
Tetsuya Shintani Country Manager, Japan The Trade Desk Japan K.K.
Yuji Morimoto Senior Staff, Solution Marketing Department, Solution Business Planning Division, Solution Business Sector KDDI CORPORATION

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