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The update of social media and algorithmic technology have changed the form of communication, at the same time, the decentralization of communication, the polarization of opinions within groups and the informational cocoons caused by algorithm have contributed to the formation of “post-truth” context: people no longer believe in the truth. They are willing to see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear, even these contents are false and vulgar, but so attractive that spread wildly. This tendency does not only appear in China, but also in European and American markets, it has became a global problem.

The context of post-truth has been profoundly affecting the public’s trust in the media platform and information content, which is also happening in the digital marketing industry. Under such background, as a media platform, not only should focus on innovating technical algorithms in order to make information distributing more efficient, we are also required to pay much more attentions to the social duties and responsibilities that ought to be taken by mass media, in this way, we could realize the better media value, technological value, and marketing value.

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Ya Li CEO Yidianzixun
Jiren Fu Vice President Yidianzixun
Minwei Huang CEO Isobar China Group

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