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One cannot speak of LINE without broaching the subject of stickers.
Stickers have become a symbol of LINE. They not only replace text to convey information, but have also become an established communication tool to express emotion.

A growing number of companies are also using stickers as an active means of marketing. Being a “self-disseminating ad” that is downloaded by users in the millions and used in chats between friends, they not only supplement TV commercials and other traditional media-based campaigns, but are also being used for a variety of other purposes including branding, sales promotions, and raising awareness.

Additionally, much attention is being drawn these days to original characters that make their debut as LINE stickers, as well as the stickers’ creators.

In this workshop, Ryo Abe will elaborate on the trends of popular stickers based on his experience working as a director for many Sponsored Stickers, and share his thoughts on key creative elements to consider when using stickers as a marketing strategy.

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Ryo Abe Manager, Creative Team LINE Corporation

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