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In this workshop, we explore the current status of Channel JAPAN and insights learned through the creation of contents broadcast across Asia. And what does the future hold for Channel JAPAN.

Our goal is to deliver Japan’s current vibrancy and attractiveness to viewers across Asian countries, and enhance its presence and brand values in the fast-growing Asian market. Focusing on these objectives, Channel JAPAN, an informational program by Nikkei Inc. and Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc, started in April, 2012. It is broadcast in 18 countries and regions throughout Asia (over 80 million households accessible to Channel JAPAN) and offers a fresh look at the latest in the Japanese economy, business, trends, culture and technology. The program also introduces the hottest tourist destinations and cutting-edge products. As a result, Channel JAPAN is rapidly and increasingly getting known among people in Asia and the sponsor brand awareness has also been improved.
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Mai Demizu TBS announcer/ Channel JAPAN newscaster TBS Television,Inc.
Makiko Utsuda Nikkei reporter/ Channel JAPAN newscaster Nikkei
Rie Kadowaki Global Business Department, TBS TV/ Channel JAPAN producer TBS Television,Inc.

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