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Mike Welch, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Business Development for Xandr, AT&T’s newly christened advertising business, will speak with Chris Vollmer, PwC’s Global E&M Advisory Leader. Together, they'll discuss how market dynamics around video convergence, personalization & connectivity are compelling media companies, agencies & marketers to create more relevant & engaging advertising. They'll address how Xandr expects to shape the evolution of the addressable ad market to the benefit of users & brands.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insights into the market factors driving the growth of addressable advertising products
  2. Xandr learnings on where and why “relevance + addressability” makes a difference
  3. Perspective on how fast the market for more relevant and addressable advertising can scale

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Mike Welch SVP, Corporate Strategy and Business Development Xandr
Christopher Vollmer Global Entertainment and Media Advisory Leader PwC

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