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In our current over-connected social climate, consumers are savvier than ever of looming advertisements, forcing marketers to step up their game to deliver content that is engaging, entertaining and adding value and creating experiences--not disrupting. But to edge their way into the lives of this overexposed audience, it is essential that the brand user experience remain seamless across platforms, creating a unified aesthetic and heightened entertainment value. This approach must be at once cohesive and striking.

A panel of industry experts across the brand, agency, media and production sectors will discuss best practices for brands who streamline their cross-platform content marketing strategy, including maximizing creative assets, creating integrated stories that rise to the top, tailoring to various platforms, syncing creative teams and potential pitfalls of a cross-platform content approach. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How brands can streamline creative strategy across platforms to maximize results.
  2. Successful strategies and production pipelines for cohesive messaging and creative aesthetic across platforms.
  3. How to allow brand messaging to work across multiple platforms, while still taking advantage of individual mediums.


KC Ifeanyi Associate Editor Fast Company
Peter Kain Executive Creative Director BBDO New York
Claire Knebl Head of Brand Marketing Ritual
Neil Shah Global Marketing Director – Smirnoff Diageo
Toddy Stewart Partner/ECD Picture Farm

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