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How can established brands remain relevant as generational attention spans continue to shrink and new technologies are developed almost daily? As brands approach significant milestones, like turning 50, what is the best response? To celebrate? To sprint past it and hope no one notices? Or to use it as an occasion to reinvent? This panel will sit down with brand leaders, each marking a half a century milestone, to discuss the challenges of weaving together past, present and future in an age of transformation and disruption.

Staying in business for 50 years is tough. While longevity is a badge of honor for a brand in today’s changing and ephemeral society, it can also come with baggage in a culture that's obsessed with the new. The advertising industry especially tends to worship at the altar of novelty and innovation, posing unique challenges for legacy brand marketers. Learn how these brand leaders are marking the occasion and hear what's next.
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  1. How to reinvent while staying true to your core values and mission
  2. Tips for successfully evolving with culture
  3. Use an anniversary "moment" to foster loyalty with employees and customers (or clients)

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Erin Riley President TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles
Lindsay Stein U.S. Editor Campaign
Teresa Herd VP Global Creative Director Intel
Denny Tu EVP Global Brand & Creative IMAX
Colin Mitchell Global VP Brand McDonald's

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