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Digital Content Next will lead marketers and publishers in a discussion on the latest news and info the industry needs to know now. Months past the the regulation deadline, what have we learned, are we compliant? DCN CEO Jason Kint will lead a conversation meant to further educate the marketplace, detail deeper implications with privacy issues, and solve for gaining back (or continuing) consumer trust.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Further educate the marketplace on GDPR
  2. Detail deeper implications with privacy issues
  3. Solve for gaining back (or continuing) consumer trust

Presented with


Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next
Brendan Eich Co-Founder and CEO Brave Software
Terry Shriver SVP Brand Manager Bank of America
Vikram Somaya SVP, Global Data Officer ESPN
Kendell Timmers VP of Advertising Analytics New York Times

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