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As more and more non-endemic sponsors pour money into esports, brands are demanding similar metrics to their traditional sports sponsorships measurement. Brands want one consistent methodology that can be applied across their entire sponsorship portfolio to better evaluate their esports investments. This session expands on new advancements in computer vision and how it’s helping sponsors better evaluate their sponsorship initiatives in the esports arena and beyond.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What are the best practices to activate your brand within esports?
  2. What makes esports unique from a sponsorship investment perspective?
  3. How does esports fit within a traditional sports sponsorship portfolio?
  4. What methodology can be applied across both traditional sports sponsorships and the digital first esports landscape?
  5. What can brands expect to see in terms of KPI’s from their esports investments relative to traditional sports sponsorships?

Presented with


Chris Morris
Ann Hand Chairman & CEO Super League Gaming
Chris DeAppolonio Vice President of Global Partnerships Triggerfish
Chris Dowell Chief Product Officer FanAI Inc.
Brian Kim General Manager GumGum Sports
Brad Sive Chief Revenue Officer Solomid Corporation

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