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Everyone is trying to get closer to consumers, but convenience retailers have already secured a formidable position at the 'last mile' of the journey. This poorly-understood, $600 billion fuel and convenience store industry continues to evolve, and it has shown extraordinary resilience to disruptive market forces as the battle has moved to the 'last block'. GasBuddy's Mark Coffey will explain how convenience retailing presents an enormous opportunity for brands who wish to engage and win with today's empowered consumers.

Convenience stores have dominated 'last mile' retail ever since the birth of the first store in 1927. Fast-forward nine decades, and 165 million U.S. consumers visit a convenience store each day. This poorly-understood industry continues to resist disruptive retail forces at a time when competition for the 'last mile' has moved to the 'last block'. The past fifteen years have experienced record in-store sales, leading to a total of $237 billion in 2017. As GasBuddy's Mark Coffey will explain, the convenience channel is well-positioned to continue its success, and it presents an enormous opportunity for brands who wish to engage today's empowered consumers. View Less

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  1. How convenience retailing has so effectively secured the last mile and block of the consumer journey soon
  2. How the ‘On Demand,’ economy will impact brands
  3. The Fuel & Convenience retailers who will win over Amazon
  4. Why it's a mistake to perceive the most successful retailers as anomalies
  5. How competition for the 'last mile' has moved to the 'last block'
  6. How brands can win in an era of empowered consumers

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Mark Coffey SVP of Strategic Partnerships GasBuddy

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